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In 2005, the Federal Government (GOP) in association with all Provincial Governments of the time inspired by the successes of the Punjab experience decided to expand the “contractedout management” of the Primary Healthcare (PHC) infrastructure throughout Pakistan. It was decided that on the pattern of Lodhran / Rahim Yar Khan model, the Rural Support organizations, in their respective Provinces, shall be assigned the management of the rural PHC infrastructure of the Provincial Governments. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), the management of PHC infrastructure of the Government of KP (GOKP) was accordingly transferred to the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP). This “contractedout management” strategy was first named “The President’s Primary Healthcare Initiative” (PPHI) in 2005 and in May of 2008 it was re-named as the “People’s Primary Healthcare Initiative”. The acronym PPHI stayed as before.

The Rural Support Programs (RSPs) are the preferred partners of Governments in Pakistan because all RSPs have ex-officio Government Directors on their Boards. This underwrites a level of trust and confidence. RSPs have implemented numerous Government projects in many sectors. RSPs do not charge any “Management Fee” for delivering PPHI. There are no direct or indirect material advantages for an RSP connected with PPHI.

Company Mission

The “Mission” assigned to the PPHI managers is

  • To bring the PHC infrastructure, that was by and large dysfunctional, to an optimum level of performance in terms of all the eight constituents of the PHC.
  • To achieve the above without the use of any significant additional resources.
  • To demonstrate a better and more efficient use of the available human and financial resources.
  • To assist in the evolution of a sustainable PHC Program that the state and the citizen have reasons to be satisfied with.


  1. It shall be the primary responsibility of every member of the Management, Professional, Support and Auxiliary staff of the PPHI to be thoroughly familiar with the letter and spirit.

    • The terms of the Agreement concluded with a Government.
    • The terms of the agreement,etc with the private sector organization of which the PPHI is made a part.
    • The provisions of this Manual in a so far as these are relevant and appropriate to his/her responsibilities and Job Description.
  2. It shall be the responsibility of the staff to perform his/her functions, roles, responsibilities in the light of the Job Description and contribute his/her best input for the optimum achievement of the objects and requirements of the PPHI Mission.

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